Believe it or not, last year I saved up for a snow plow blade for my Can-AM. I actually made 1/3 of my money back by plowing for other people. Sure it was cold, but the feeling of my snow plow blade paying for itself helped warm me up. Well that, and a nice hot cup of coffee. I can’t wait for the first snow fall this year so that I can start making more money. My plan is to have this little side business, start funding all of the ATV stuff I buy. Plus I already have 3 more customers lined up this year. I hope to have almost the entire snow plow blade pay for itself this year.

Can-Am ATV Snow PlowThis is the snow plow blade I got. I bought it through a third party company on Amazon company. (I always try to buy through Amazon, because they have extremely good customer service, and they give you some protection when buying from an unknown store). This blade performed extremely well last season, and it’s about the same price as I paid last year. (I think I paid about $25 more). I have seen these go on sale at the end of the snow season, but truth be told I made money during the snow season so ended up with less money out of pocket by not waiting for it to go on sale.

I am going to make business cards soon, but need to think of names for my business.